Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Linda "Lil' Doc's" Harley trike. A very pretty machine. We had the honor of a visit from Linda and Manjo last night, part of the Goat Rope Tour. The others in in the Red Lion down town. We sure had a nice visit last night!

I was surprised and happy when Howard, Linda and their son brought Cooper by to greet me in Roseburg last week. She's going to be a BIG girl! Thanks again for sharing her with me.

This is "Cooper". Howard 'Nitelite''s new Great Dane puppy. Not part of the Goat Rope, but I wanted to show you.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Scorpion~. The man behind the Goat Rope Tour. They only had 18 to 20 this year, timing and weather was off. But, it was a good VROC event. Rubbergator is putting up a nice blog of the whole thing, so be sure and look up the address on the VROC forum. A big thanks to Scorp for putting this all together, and for the "Road Kill Chili" feed he put on Friday night.

Sky came from California to make the famous Goat Rope Tour.

Lil' Doc and Manjo came all the way from Massachusetts. (I don't know how to spell it, but you get the idea)

Manjo and Del Wilson (Viper)

Maccs from Washington State. He's a hard rider, and great guy!

Mango, Julie and Viper. Virper intentionally hiding behing a VROC Bonsai plant.

Lil' Doc and Sky, warming up after a good ride.from Tillamook to Coos Bay

Jeff Thurgood, Scorpion~'s son.

Manjo enjoying his coffee.

Maccs, sitting amound the flowers.

Scorpion~ handing Sherm a small sack that was knitted by GypsyCat during the Goat Rope lunches and dinners. Then, a special stone was handled by everyone and placed in the bag. This is very cool, it will always be a special "treasure" for me.

Scorpion~, Lil' Doc, Manjo, Pat, Sky,Maccs. Jeff, and Viper. and the white fluff ball is Julie.